Zyneas Break

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact

Societal Axis

Our employees well-being is one of our priorities. We have implemented a working environment adapted to their needs, promoting their well-being and comfort.

We wish to support our youth starting in the workforce, to enable this, we hire young people on work study contracts, giving them a chance toward success.

We are also committed to sponsoring events such as the Moroccan Treck “Elles marchent”, organized by the association “Le défi du Cœur”, which has already carried many deeds.

Ecological Axis

Our company fleet is hybrid vehicles as to reduce our CO2 emissions. We scan all our documents, thus reducing our paper use.

We are aware that the digital solutions servers are high energy consumers, therefore, we have chosen a green energy supplier, enabling us to have 100% wind and solar energy renewable electricity.

We have recently implemented a waste sorting and reduction strategy.